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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find occasional work-in-progress features, some short tutorials, information about new art work, examples of my writing and anything else I feel may be of interest.


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By peterwilliams, Jul 5 2016 10:13AM

I went along to the Riverside Art & Glass gallery in Wroxham last night, for the private viewing of the current summer drawing exhibition. I usually dread these things and hardly ever attend them. To be perfectly honest I would rather stick pins in my eyes, given the choice. Chit chatting to posh, squawking, highly egotistical people in alarmingly flamboyant clothing whilst sipping unidentified fizzy stuff from awkwardly shaped receptacles, has never come easy to me. However, it wasn't like that at all. I think because I'd traveled in the opposite direction to London.

I felt that I ought to go along as they had been kind enough to choose 4 of my drawings to display, and I've been thinking of re-entering the world of high street galleries again, even if only in a small way, so wanted to stick a toe in the water. Jenny wanted to attend too, although she had to pull out at the last minute, so I went on my own.

Refreshingly I found The Riverside to be a beautiful gallery populated with some stunning art, glass, ceramics and woodwork. The lovely team of people that run it are all friendly and welcoming. They made me feel completely relaxed and at home. Even the fellow artists I met last night appeared to be almost normal, just enough eccentricity and passion about what they do to be interesting and entertaining but unaffected and not a single drama queen in sight.

The exhibition prize was judged by the well known, highly successful Norwich based artist Colin Self, a contemporary and good chum of Peter Blake and that Hockney feller, who had a lot to say about a short-list of drawings he'd carefully chosen from the impressive display. I was rather pleased at what he had to say about my main contender, 'Shadow Falling', a pencil portrait of a wolf. He appeared to be quite taken by it and I dared to think that I was in with a shout but alas, after a lot of deliberation he plumped for a stunning little chalk and charcoal figurative work by my good friend Joanna Lawrence (well, I say friend..... I bloody hate her now) I'm claiming 2nd place on the basis of the judge's speech, even though there was just the one prize.

I thought I ought to go over and thank Mr. Self for his kind and encouraging words and we got chatting. I wasn't sure what to expect, the few 'celeb' artists I've met on my travels have all been so far up their own arses that they looked down on the world from behind their own gritted teeth. Do you know? he turned out to be an absolutely smashing bloke. Interesting and entertaining with a great sense of humour, we ended up in conversation for the best part of the rest of the evening. Now that is really unusual for this shy, lacking in confidence, under educated oik from a backwater 'ertfordshire town. I usually end up drinking too much and then drooling over the best looking bird I can find in the room until I'm chucked out. This time, as I had quite a long drive home, I couldn't have a drink and had a much more pleasant time. Does this mean that at age 64 I'm finally getting old?

By peterwilliams, Jul 2 2016 09:07AM

I have several drawings in the forthcoming Riverside Art & Glass drawing exhibition, on Norwich Rd in Wroxham, Norfolk. The Private viewing is on Monday 4th July from 5.30 - 7.30 and the exhibition is on for a further fortnight, ending on Sunday 17th July. The drawings will be shown alongside work by Colin Self, who studied at Norwich School of Art and then trained with David Hockney and Peter Blake at the Slade. Mr. Self will also select a prize winner from among the submitted works. Below are my entries..... wish me luck!

By peterwilliams, Jun 23 2016 09:48AM

I completed a new graphite pencil drawing this week, the first for quite a while. After sending off two framed drawings to their new owners recently, I realised I had no more lions left in my portfolio. So I set about finding an attractive high quality reference photograph to help me create another. I chose an image from the Paint My Photo website taken by Gary Jones. I've used quite a few of Gary's wildlife photographs in the past as he seems to have a knack for capturing wonderful expression and mood in his subjects. I chose this one because of that pensive, faraway look, as well as of course the sharp detail and quality of the photo itself. Gary is one of the finest photographers that I know and it's a privilege to have access to some of his work.

This is an Asiatic lion, also known as the Indian or Persian lion. It differs from it's African cousin predominantly because of it's less developed mane, a larger tail tuft and also slightly narrower facial features. They are an endangered subspecies although their numbers have increased slightly in recent years due to the efforts of the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in India.

My drawing is A3 sized on a sheet of Bristol board, framed to a total size of 24 x 19 inches using a silky charcoal black frame with a bright silver sight edge.

It's now up for sale from this website.

By peterwilliams, Jun 13 2016 06:16PM

High quality prints and products featuring my images are now available from Society6.com. in particular for my American followers although they will ship worldwide.

These are gallery quality Giclée prints on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper, using Epson K3 archival inks. They are custom trimmed with a 1" border to allow for framing. A framing facility is available as well as many other products such as rugs, clocks, towels, phone cases and many more.

To view my entire portfolio follow this link .

By peterwilliams, Jun 5 2016 06:00PM

I had a bit of a blast from the past this weekend when out of the blue, a message popped up from a guy I served with in the REME back in 1972/73! I've not heard from many people from those days, but he stumbled across my profile when searching for art with a military theme. Many old memories have surfaced, some good and some not so, most of which I documented in my book 'Blood, Sweat and Beer'. The most vivid was the day my room mate, a huge guy with a bit of a drink problem, fired a 10 inch nail in a homemade cartridge from a shotgun into a tree outside the window.... not easily forgotten. My hearing has never fully recovered. I hadn't remembered though that the bloke then went into the next room and chopped up my old friend's bed with a machete..... those were the days.

Lots of names have been bandied about. It's weird that I can remember faces, voices and stories from over 40 years ago as if they happened yesterday, yet can barely remember what I had for dinner last night.

It's odd after all this time, how similar some of our post army experiences have been, including some PTSD symptoms (in my case just a few nightmares but his have been far more serious), some equally serious health issues and a few other things I shan't mention.

Although this technological age we live in drives me mad at times, it does have its good points.

By peterwilliams, Jun 4 2016 01:04PM

A little information about my new novel 'Fate's Last Turn' which was published a few weeks ago. It is the second book I have written, following my autobiography 'Blood Sweat and Beer' which was published in 2014. I found myself at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself in the evenings after the first book was finished. It had become a big and very enjoyable part of my life, helping to keep the old grey matter ticking over and preventing me from watching too much crap on TV. I decided therefore to begin a new project, this time a novel.

The fictional story begins at a place just before the time in my autobiography when I left the British army in 1973. At that point, in real life I was offered a chance to travel to the USA with a German friend to become a partner in his business, a petrol station and garage. I didn't fancy the idea much and turned down the opportunity, returning to England and civilian life. However, I have often wondered how different my life might have turned out if I had gone to America.

So from that point in time, Fate's Last Turn takes over as a work of fiction and follows the story of a young man (me) trying to make a new life for himself in an area of Washington State alongside his friend and partner, Peter the Kraut. I wove in a tapestry of back stories for my other fictional characters to form the basis of what becomes an action/adventure novel with a little romance and humour thrown in for good measure. The story takes a dramatic turn soon after it arrives in the states when one of my new characters turns up on the scene, full of hatred and wanting revenge after finding out that his beautiful Irish wife has run off with Peter the Kraut. There follows a violent episode before my character finds himself the object of a manhunt in the Cascade Mountain wilderness. It becomes a story of endurance and survival before he is pursued my an even more dangerous creature. Finally, the story moves back to Europe where events continue to take a turn for the worse, giving my character even more of a hard time.

After designing a nice cover for it, I published this new book recently. It is available in all formats such as Kindle and Apple iBooks as well as hard copies of course, from all the usual outlets. All links are detailed on my website page.

Now I find myself in the same position as before, watching episodes of the Antiques Road Trip while I try to think of better ways to spend my spare time. So, using the same character from 'Fate's Last Turn', I've embarked upon a new novel as yet untitled, which takes up his story from a point in the early 1980s. Watch this space.

I still have a limited number of copies of 'Fate's Last Turn' which I can sign and send out upon request. Details are on the website page. I also have somenew stock of my autobiography 'Blood Sweat and Beer'. UK addresses only unfortunately as the cost of international shipping is prohibitive. But both books can easily be purchased from outlets worldwide, such as Amazon.

'Fate's Last Turn' Front Cover
'Fate's Last Turn' Front Cover
'Fate's Last Turn' complete book jacket.
'Fate's Last Turn' complete book jacket.
'Blood Sweat and Beer' complete book jacket.
'Blood Sweat and Beer' complete book jacket.

By peterwilliams, Jun 2 2016 10:01AM

Many of my customers and followers are from America and in their honour, as I am a British Army veteran myself, I wrote this poem for America's Memorial Day which fell on 30th May. I've used my watercolour painting 'High and Mighty' to help illustrate it, which I felt was appropriate.

Of course, Memorial day is more one of rememberance so I think this piece is better suited to Veterans Day which is an opportunity to thank servicemen both current and past for the work they do and the price they pay to keep us safe. Perhaps I will re-post it in November.

By peterwilliams, Jun 2 2016 09:32AM

Hello to all. I have decided to add a blog to the Mighty Fine Art website where I can post articlesI feel may be of interest other than just list my art works for sale. I hope to add some brief tutorials in future and show some works in progress. Perhaps I can display information regarding some of my other interestswhich are many, but include writing, wood carving and natural history. Please feel free to comment or ask questions and as time allows I will try to respond the best I can.