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Blood, Sweat and Beer

An autobiography by Peter Williams of Mighty Fine Art


This paperback book has 416 pages and has been printed by Lulu.com in two versions:

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A tale of an innocent and naive little boy, born during post war austerity to a lower working class family. Told initially through the eyes of a toddler it goes on to describe in great detail his struggle to make sense of an ever changing world, through childhood and adolescence, into adulthood and beyond. Determined to live a life less ordinary the story is a roller coaster ride of adventure, love, violence, and tragedy. Desperately seeking happiness the journey leads through years in the army including a Northern Ireland tour, a life of biking, a bad marriage, serious injury and illness, all peppered with a liberal dose of irrepressible humour and honesty.


Warning: Does contain some strong language. Please do not purchase if easily offended.

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