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Book Reviews and Customer Feedback

Some customer feedback and testimonials regarding the books written and published by Peter Williams


Reviews and comments received regarding my books can go a long way to help with the publicity and get me more established as an author so any feedback is always greatly appreciated. A short review can always be sent to me personally by using the Contact Me form.

The first book (Blood Sweat and Beer) was a joy for me because try as I may I remain subconsciously homesick for the England I left in 1968 and reading in the early pages about Knella Road was awesome. I really enjoyed the rest of the book because it was real and true and your personality came through really well, (the woman who shall not be named). Your writing style was a little different and it grew on me because you were pouring out the truth unvarnished and almost without ego. I liked it a lot.

Your second book (Fate's Last Turn) I'm 90% through. (Dave knows but Chloe doesn't yet). It's a superb read and you have talent, lots of it. The way you tell two stories - yours and the other side (the Kraut or Ned or the O'Brians etc) is not new but your sense of timing is great. It grips and you keep the story moving and didn't let it get bogged down at all. You have the knack, Peter, and should keep writing if you can. Also you must have spent a lot of time figuring it all out because you make it believable and many good writers don't. (Tom Clancy, Stephen King to name a couple except for their early work). Well done you. No criticism because none needed. Honestly !! Bob (Canada 10/08/16)


Dear Peter. I have just finished reading the book (Blood Sweat and Beer) & I must say that I found it very bitter sweet, very amusing in places but also very poignant.  It brought back a good few memories as I lived & was brought up in Barnard Green WGC & also went to Ludwick & Peartree schools, albeit some 10 or so years before you did. Anyway thanks for a really good read & I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, Kind regards. Lindsey (23/04/16 Lincs)


Dear Peter. I want to congratulate you on your terrific book. (Blood Sweat and Beer) If the test of a book is readability and enjoyment your’s passes with flying colours. I must confess a bias though, for I too am a WGC “ boy” (through a decade older than you) Like your dad, mine worked in Murphy Radio; he was Press Shop foreman until 1956 when we packed up and left for Australia as 'ten quid’ migrants. I have been back to the UK many times over the years. Thank you for the ’nostalgic’ trip provided so colourfully by your book. I have told my sister in Adelaide to get a copy and also my old mate Lindsey Jeffries in Lincolnshire. I wont bore the socks off you !!! I trust you are well and enjoying yourself (what a roller coaster life). (Fred. Austrailia 21/04/16)


Yes....I'm a in bed before sleep reader? but I read yours (Blood Sweat and Beer) longer at night than I would normaly do....being a personal story? I laughed at some of it...cried at some of it and also from a personal level ( ie me...being who I am) understood some of your personality better...and my own....and wanted to say...yes I get that bit ? I wont bore you with it...lol...but some of it was therapeutic. Good Luck with the novel....I bet it will be great ! Frances


I intended to keep your book  (Blood Sweat and Beer) for a holiday read but thought ... just a quick preview. Not been able to put it down. Being of the same era as you, your stories have evoked so many memories, things I had totally forgotten. Thank you. June


I'm enjoying it (Blood Sweat and Beer) very much. No pretension and a real page turner. Recommended! Didy


Peter's book  (Blood Sweat and Beer) in many ways mirrors my own childhood. His after school years experiences made me laugh – and very sad too...The bikes, Peter, did it have to take so many bad falls before you decided they weren't for you? Peter's later years, when his art is his mainstay and the dogs Rule life brought back many memories.Now he's adding writer to that list of talents. A book to savour, read in bits, reminsce with him, to pick up and read a few pages and then mull over that period in our own life. Jeannie


One of those books that you can't put down.  (Blood Sweat and Beer) Took me back to places and people who were only a distant memory. This book has just the right amount of humour and heartache and makes you feel you are right there beside Peter experiencing with him. I am sure this is not the last we will hear of this up and coming writer !!! Susan


Hi Peter, I'd just like to say here how much I enjoyed your biography. (Blood Sweat and Beer) You have such an easy and warm way of writing that draws the reader right into your world. I found your book hugely interesting, entertaining, amusing and sad and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. So, to a forty something year old soldier, poet, biker, windsurfing artist and writer, I salute your talents, your book is a thoroughly good read and you're a natural storyteller. Congratulations and much success! Cherry 23/07/14)


Well Peter!!! You can be very proud of your book!   (Blood Sweat and Beer) Congratulations!! It's a wonderful story, both interesting and amusing and had me chuckling in parts and a little teary at some of the sad things. I also loved your poetry at the end, particularly the one called 'Don't Look Back' as I have a tree like that too. I can empathise in parts and your book inspired me so much. It's full of determination, grit, perseverance and kindness. I salute your talents, your book is a thoroughly good read and you're a natural storyteller. I shall be looking forward to your next book. (Libby 7/7/14)






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