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Cast Adrift

A novel by Peter Williams of Mighty Fine Art


The paperback book has 543 pages and is now available exclusively from Amazon at £14.99


The Kindle version is also available exclusively from Amazon at $2.99 (approx £2.27 depending on exchange rate) or for free if you have Kindle Unlimited!


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Frank Woolf has no wish to die, certainly not for a second time.


From the desolate shores of the Falkland Islands to the blistering heat of an East African wilderness, in this next chapter in the adventures of Frank Woolf we see him encounter adversaries both old and new which threaten to tear his flourishing new life apart.


As if it wasn't difficult enough to escape the murderous intentions of a psychotic Argentine army officer, a ghost from Frank's past emerges to ramp up a vendetta that has been smouldering for six years. When close friends, including an old flame and a new love are dragged into the bitter conflict, Frank decides that his only option is to confront the threat head on, not realising that he will be pitting himself against a lot more than he could ever have bargained for.


Warning: Does contain some strong language and adult content. Please do not purchase if easily offended.

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