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Fate's Last Turn

A novel by Peter Williams of Mighty Fine Art


This paperback book has 416 pages and has been printed by Lulu.com in a bookstore quality at £14.99 plus P&P  (Lulu charges £3.99 p&p to the UK)


There is also the ebook version available from Lulu at £4.99 which is in the ePub format. Both versions can be purchased directly from the publisher by clicking on this link.




A young British soldier's career takes a nosedive after he suffers the effects of a horrific incident during a tour of Northern Ireland in the early 1970s. He decides to leave the army for good, turning his back on everyone including his beautiful German girlfriend and travels to the Cascade Mountain wilderness of Washington State where he seeks to build a new life in partnership with a friend.


Unfortunately, he arrives to find that his new partner has brought with him a host of problems in the form of the irresistible Kathleen Woolf, a woman on the run from her old life in Northern Ireland. Her presence has devastating consequences for everyone. The young man is forced to flee into the vast wilderness to escape a police manhunt only to become the quarry of a much more dangerous creature. He is pushed to the very limit of his endurance and forced to use all of his army training and ingenuity to survive. Just when he thinks things couldn't get any worse, they do.


Warning: Does contain some strong language. Please do not purchase if easily offended.

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