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Framing Options

I make my own frames for my artwork at home in my workshop. I don't charge any more than cost price but prefer to send original art out already framed for its protection, particularly my pastel and pencil work, and to help display it to its best advantage.


I keep a limited choice of mouldings in stock as I am not a professional framer, I only frame my own work as required. I have an arrangement with an East Anglian supplier which I use exclusively for my materials. I sometimes offer a choice of frame if it is for a commission or if the artwork has been purchased prior to me having a chance to frame it (this does happen occasionally).


Below are examples of the frame mouldings I usually have in stock. This selection may alter occasionally as mouldings seem to go out of production quite often.


2cmsilver_detail01 2cmsilver_detail02 2cmsilver_detail03 Oak01 oak06 oak2 silvermoulding01 silvermoulding02 Yewmoulding01 Yewmoulding02 Yewmoulding03

1 1/2 inch wormhole yew with gold sight edge.

Particularly suitable for more colourful paintings


1 1/8 inch distressed silver gilt

Particularly suitable for large monochrome work or more subtle coloured paintings

3/4 inch square profile bright silver

Great for small pencil drawings or more subtle coloured paintings


1 1/4 inch square light oak

Works well with just about anything