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Back Catalogue, Greatly Reduced in Price

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I have a back catalogue of paintings and drawings which for one reason or another, have yet to be chosen by any of my customers. In order to keep my portfolio of work more current, I am offering some of them at greatly reduced prices. Many are offered at less than half original price!


Please note, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with the condition of any of these pieces of work. Most are framed and have been stored in protective bags in my home awaiting a buyer. All will be thoroughly checked before shipping.


Delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland is free.

International shipping worldwide is available at cost, a guide to prices can be found by following this link. 

A seperate invoice for shipping will be sent once a price has been confirmed.


Life Goes On

Original Watercolour



War Is Hell

Original Coloured Pencil


lifeintheolddogyet_a Golden Days

Golden Days

Original Watercolour


Life In The Old Dog Yet

Original Watercolour and ink



An Unwelcome Visitor

Original Watercolour





Signed Giclee Prints

Set of 3



Ice In The Sun

Original Pastel Painting



Chain Gang

The Chain Gang

Original Watercolour