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Shake, Rattle and Roll

'Shake, Rattle and Roll' is a loose and impressionistic portrait based on my own German Shepherd dog, Bonnie as she shakes herself dry after one of our morning walks on the local beach, energetically shedding water and soaking our house from floor to ceiling, bless her. This is a variation in style for me, a break from my usual realism and detail, but if you like intense colour then here is some colour! Using watercolour and acrylic inks over a freehand pencil sketch I've chosen the most vivid palette possible. It appears that I’ve used just about every colour in the book apart from her natural colouring. The splashes and runs of paint and ink successfully give the impression of vigorous movement  while the blissful expression on her face says everything else. If you are a dog lover and you have a wall space that could do with brightening up, then this is the painting for you.


Quite a large painting at approximately 21 x 15.5 inches, this painting is presented in a pale mount within a yew effect frame with a gold sight edge, to a total size of about 28 x 22 inches, ready to hang. It is signed on the front and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Medium: Watercolour and acrylic inks on paper


Image Sizes: 21 x 15.5 inches


Framed Size: 28 inches x 22 inches


Price:  Original Framed Painting £345  



Postage to a UK address is free. For international shipping, please contact me for a quote. An example price for the USA is approximately £45 but will vary depending on size and weight of package.

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Moulding detail

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Art in Context

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