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They have arrived safe and sound, I am totally blown away by (Sentinel and Father and Son), it looked amazing in the pics but up close and personal she is breath taking. I feel privileged to own such a beautiful work. Sheila (Lancashire)


Peter. Thanks for the Horse Whisperer.  It was well packed for shipping and arrived safe and sound. We love the detail you have into the picture and we will find a special place to hang it in our home. Thanks Roy (London 13/02/2019)


Hi Peter, Good morning. Just to inform you that I hv recd the art piece (Autumn Blues 2) in good order yesterday afternoon. It is as nice as I expected. Thank you. Lee (Singapore 09/07/2017)


Hello Peter, Thanks so much of the amazingly quick delivery. (Africa) is more amazing in real life than on your website so what a brilliant buy it has been. My Wife is mixed race Bajun so we do look for original art which can represent her heritage rather than my Northern roots. Loved the prints as well, just need to decide where to put them. I'll wait until later in the month to make a decision on Avocet if it's still available but I will be getting Autumn Life from Red Bubble and thanks to your kind offer, will send it to you for signing. Have a great Christmas and I look forward to see anything new from you and also will hopefully be doing business in the near future. Thanks again,Tony (London 13/1216)


Hey Peter, Just wanted to let you know the pictures arrived at 5:30 central time. (The Snows of Kilimanjaro & After The Serenade) OMG!  I did not think it would be possible they would be so much more beautiful in true life. They will be cherished and I will send you photos when they are on their new walls. Truly a pleasure doing business with you, Nanette (Texas 02/09/16)


Dear Peter, I could not be any happier about this purchase. (Prince of Thieves) This is the very first piece of original artwork my husband and I have acquired, and I am astonished at the quality. It was just delivered, and I immediately hung it on the wall. Standing back, I just cannot understand how it is not a photo. Such a perfect rendering. So, I am astonished, but when I think about the time and attention to detail you have put into this piece, I am really taken aback. Thank you for the dedication that you pour into your talent. Thank you for choosing to be an artist and pursuing this life. I am thankful to God for the gift He has given you. Really, I can't believe I have such a beautiful work in my living room. Thank you, again! --Amy (Texas 26/08/16)


I am delighted with the painting (Travelling Man) I chose it the day after my Mom died and looking at it now I can see why I chose it. The link to travelling and chap not sure what he's doing  summed up my situation perfectly. Spot on (John. 26/08/16 Staffs)


I just wanted to say your "girl" (The Sunshine of Your Love) arrived just now, safe and sound. We both love her and it was a huge bonus that you matted her - I didn't expect that at all. So I'll have an outstanding work of art on my wall for less than a good meal out in Toronto - it hardly seems fair somehow. I just hope for you that one day you are in the Robert Bateman league. You certainly have his talent just not his exposure yet. Thank you again - she's so happy it brightens my life just looking at her and what higher praise than that is there? I think I owe you a few more quid!!!! Bob (Ontario 09/09/15)


Hi Peter, I received the painting (Whiteout) this morning and I am over the proverbial moon with the artwork and delighted with the mounting and frame, thank you very much. Gary (Buckinghamshire 22/04/15)


Hi Peter, I have just received the drawing (Putting On The Ritz), nice to see fine art is not dead! I am exceptionally pleased with this, almost had to put on an extra layer. Alan. (Manchester 23/03/15)


Peter: "A Touch of Class" arrived at about 5:30 PM Toronto time perfectly intact and undamaged. The slice of wood was a nice touch and I can find a use for that !!! The picture is brilliant and I have it hung already. I hope this isn't a bad thing to say to an artist but it's so good it looks almost like a photo. The lousy Canadian Government dinged me for $121 for duty which I fail to understand since it's not like I can get your art from you here but the end result makes it worth it........one very satisfied customer. Tick that box!

Bob (Canada 14/02/15)


Hi Peter The paintings (Block Tackle and Owl, Time To Shine) have just arrived. Both of them are really beautiful. Really like them.

Thx for the prompt delivery and l am sure we will be in touch in the future for additinal purchases. Best Dan (Israel 08/02/15)


Peter, Exhibition in May pencilled in to our diary then. It's a good excuse, if one were needed, to combine with a couple of days at Minsmere. Meanwhile we will keep an eye on your website to see whether any new work takes our fancy. Thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful masterpiece (Force Of Nature). Our eldest daughter has already stated a wish to include it on her inheritance list! Regards, John & Sheila (Leicester 31/10/14)


Hi Peter, the picture (Daydreamer 02) was delivered today , as promised. Once again we were not disappointed !  It's beautiful and enhanced by your fabulous choice of framing. We've already put it on the wall in a position where we can admire it. Thank you very much and  we look forward choosing another masterpiece in the future. Spencer. Stockport (04/02/14)


I received the picture today, thank you very much it is everything I wanted its beautiful! I can’t wait to give it to **** on Christmas day he will love it! Best regards Suzanna. Hants (13/12/13)


Hi Peter, Your painting (Woodland Spirit) arrived safely today and it is just amazingly beautiful. When you said it looks better in real life I thought it couldn't possibly, but it does! It's a stunning, absolutely fantastic work of art and I am enormously proud to own it. If that were not enough, I know you make your own frames as well, and this frame is of high quality and compliments the painting perfectly with its blonde wood. It's going to hang near to your other painting we bought earlier in the year, I couldn't have asked for a nicer Christmas gift from Nick than this. I'm truly delighted with it!!! Mighty Fine Art indeed! Have a great day Peter. I'm just going to sit and gaze at this painting for a while:) Libby. Lincs (06/11/13)

Hi Peter. Just wanted to thank you for sending the painting (Woodland Spirit) so promptly and to say that I think your work is exceptional. I've never seen such realistic detail and depth in a painting before and the frame is great. Needless to say, Libby is thrilled with it and it's looking good on the wall. Wishing you all the very best. Nick. Lincs. (07/11/13)


Hello Peter, Oh my...... I am even more amazed with Calico Kitten in the flesh!!!! Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much!!!!! And a huge thank you for the cards too.....! You are one very great artist!!!! And I hope I can own another of your awesome pieces of artwork one day!!! Take care. Sam. Herts (19/10/13)


Hey, Peter,  Miss Sole Bay and her Broadside have just landed (Broadside) all in good order and she's a cracker! I can hear the howls of envy already...Thanks again, - Steve. Kettering 08/10/13


Peter. Received (Sea Horse) Love it and can't wait to show it off. Kind regards Claire. Manchester 29/08/13


Hi Peter. I have just received (Enduring Spirit) and I can't begin to tell you how thrilled and delighted I am with this painting. It is an absolute work of art and to gaze upon it is pure joy. You are a Genius and you are blessed with a very precious gift. Whilst the images on your web site are excellent, they simply cannot match up to, nor do justice to your shining artwork. I can hardly take my eyes off it and whilst it was destined to be hung in one of the bedrooms, I've now made space for it in the dining room. What a treasure I have in this painting. It is indeed "Mighty Fine Art". I think you can tell that I'm pleased lol. I can hardly wait to see what you paint next. Cherry. Lincoln. 29/01/13


Received Painting, (Welcome Shade) we are now in a quandary whether to keep it for ourselves, even though we had bought it for my parents as a Christmas present. The picture is beautiful, a tranquil pose of a Lion at rest. Thank you. Sandra. Essex. 16/10/12


Received painting (Wildcat)  - wonderful, Brilliant  words fail me (that's unusual!) His eyes  follow you and the fur makes you want to stroke the picture, truly beautiful.  It has taken me months of looking at 100s of pictures to find something  as beautiful as yours. Thank you for a really lovely picture. Sandra. Essex. 10/10/2012


I've just recieved a beautiful print (Head In The Clouds) for my birthday - via Judith. She remember a while ago my love of giraffes and with the girls i work with arranged for my present. I am over the moon ( far better than a voucher ) and cannot wait to frame it and put in pride of place. Thanks again. Jenny. Hertfordshire. 05/06/12


 Hi Peter, just to let you know the work arrived safely today,(Mischievous Soul) very well pleased, loverly work as always.. thanks .

Andy 10/04/12


Oh, Peter......what can I say....it's breathtaking (Matriarch). I had to wait till ******* was out today to have a look at it....and I can't wait to see his face when he gets it. Thank you soooo much.....I cant adequately express how delighted I am.

Ros. Angus 17/01/12


"Hi Peter, the pictures (Elusive Spirit, Streaming Koi) arrived safely yesterday.  I was quite worried before I took them out of the box but when I did and looked at them I couldn't stop smiling. They're both stunning ! Your attention to detail is amazing ! My wife loves them both too and says the frames compliment the pictures beautifully.  I'm going to put them up today. I'd like potential buyers to know that your artwork really is as good as it looks on your website (well actually better). Thanks again for everything and I hope to be able to buy another of your wonderful pictures soon. My very best regards" Spencer. Stockport. 26/11/11


"Hi Peter, that was a great job you did on Smokin Joe. Just a reminder that my friend has it now and you are welcome to post it on your site. Thanks once again I’m sure we will talk again regards" Paul. Cheshire 15/10/11

"Hi Peter ... Your painting Nautical arrived safely today and I love everything about it. The frame is perfect, and compliments the painting so well, which looks every bit as good as it did online.   When I unpacked it, I sat it on my easel with the card still covering the glass. Coming out of the restrictions of the packaging I caught the smell of the wax from the wood ... what a lovely smell.  When I saw the painting in the flesh I sat here staring at it for ages, taking in every detail.  I know my Dad would have loved it." Ingrid. Edinburgh 06/10/11


"Hi Peter. I just bought a couple more pieces of artwork from your web site. These are for my own collection. This includes originals by Michael Godard and the fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. I rate your stuff as some of the best in my collection..." Mark, Worcestershire 09/12/10

"Hi Peter. It arrived this morning and is absolutely stunning.....I love it. Going to take it to the framer tomorrow.....thank you so much....you must have limitless patience for such fine work  :-D

Thanks again" Ros, Scotland, 14/09/10

"Dear Peter. The painting (Ancient Things) arrived yesterday safe and secure. Thank you very much for sending it so promptly. The painting is stunning and I love it."

Regards Navdeep 24/08/2010


"Hi Peter, Your (or rather mine now I guess) artwork arrived just a few moments ago safe and sound, no scratches and fully intact, and only two days underway, which is rather quick I think. WOW…….. I am really impressed and more than pleased with it and am so happy I got that one. ('All Of My Life') I had not told my wife about it but she is also very impressed and more than pleased with it as well. The framing is also just super.

I still get these “thoughts” just by looking at him, that in some way I can put myself inside his mind and then let the thoughts go back in time, to the time when he was still there. In these “high tech” times we are living in we still have so much to learn from the primitive people like the Aboriginals, Inuit’s, Native Americans just to mention a few. Thanks again and hope the weather will ease off. Best wishes," Torben, Denmark 14/01/10


"Hi Peter. The book is truly wonderful!  Thank you so much!  It is just so lovely, full of lovely words too, but great to have so many beautiful examples of your work to hand now. Fantastic that you have shown some close up shots and the stages of the painting also, makes it even more fascinating to look through.  Well done Peter for this book and I hope you sell loads of them, am certainly very proud to own one, keep up the good work." Tina, Beds 18/08/2009


Hi Peter.  Many thanks for sending the print so quickly. ('The Girl Who Captured Tinkerbell') It is such a lovely picture. I wish i could keep it for myself but it's going to be a gift for someone special, i'm sure they will be delighted with it. Thanks again. Katy 06/07/2009


"Hi Peter, Out today but returned home to find your painting in the porch, ripped off the tape, got it out of the box, bubble wrap removed in double quick time, have it on the wall already and it looks fantastic, l am very pleased with "Unleashed"

Thank you very much for sending it so quickly and top marks to the Post Office"  Sallie, Northern Ireland  09/05/2009


"Hi Peter, the paintings ('Into the Promised Land', 'Solitude and Sweetwater') have arrived thank you . They are more stunning than I thought they would be and will greatly enhance my collection of Native American Art, I am so glad I have found an artist nearer to home who can capture the spirit of the Native American as in the past I have had to purchase work from the USA which, what with shipping and duty adds an awful lot to the usual purchase price one has to pay for this kind of work. I cannot wait to see any new work you do so please keep me informed. All the best. Michael"  05/03/2009


"The print ('Don't Look Back') arrived safely today and wow it is even better than I imagined! Really pleased to finally be an owner of a Peter Williams and will treasure it original or not! I love the vibrant use of colours always evident in your work and there is no doubt you are a very highly skilled artist. You deserve much success."

Tina, Wales 12/11/2008


 "The paintings ('Pride' and 'Natures Child') are beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased . I think what draws me to your work is that your native Americans are not the stereotypical poses so often portrayed."  Paula, Alabama14/05/2008


"I received all the prints successfully at the end of last week, they're all fantastic! I’ll let you know what the response is to 'Free Spirit' when I give her the print (and 'Cheyenne Autumn') in December. Many thanks again."

Ian 03/11/2008  'Angel', 'Cheyenne Autumn' and 'Free Spirit'


"Thank you for the painting ['Beach Fishing' ] it's lovely, it arrived Saturday, I love it, thank you."

Pippa 13/10/2008


"Thank you so much for your quick response. Your print (Enter The Dragonfly) is a surprise present for my mum who is a huge fan of your artwork. She just loves this print and the way the cat's eye is so real. She will be absolutely over the moon with it. Thanks again."

Ursula 04/07/2008 ['Enter the Dragonfly' by Peter Williams]






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