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Wood Carvings

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Driftwood Bowl ~ approximayely 16 x 11 x 6 inches and carved from an Elm tree root which washed up on the beach.

Diving Otter ~ My very first wood carving approximately 16 x 12 x 9 inches, carved from a piece of found yew wood and mounted on a piece of driftwood picked up from the local beach.

Diving Kingfisher ~ the actual bird is approximayely 9 x 4 x 3 inches and carved from a found piece of Horse Chestnut wood. I then mounted it on another piece of the Elm root I found washed up on the beach.

Letter Opener ~ about 11 inches long this was also carved from the remainder of the Elm root stump which was washed up on the beach.

Some wood carvings I have created in between painting and drawing, to give myself a break.


These are not for sale, I am teaching myself wood carving techniques as a hobby.


Perhaps when I become more proficient I will consider adding them to my portfolio of items for sale.

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Driftwood Seal ~ about 12 x 8 x 4 inches, carved from a piece of driftwood found on the local beach here in Suffolk. The wood already had the shape of this seal, I just needed to refine it and give it a beautiful finish, achieved with hours of sanding, 3 coats of shellac and finished with natural wax. Very tactile.