Some frequently asked questions about the Mighty Fine Art online gallery and service. If you have any queries which are not dealt with here, please use the contact form accessed via the menu at the top of the page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do the prices include the cost of delivery?

Yes. All of the prices listed include delivery to any UK mainland address. Worldwide shipping can be arranged, but for addresses beyond the UK mainland this will incur an extra shipping payment and possibly a customs charge too. Use the contact page to ask me for a quote for any specific artwork if you would like it to be shipped overseas, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (please give the chosen artwork name as obviously, size is important)

My picture has arrived damaged, what should I do?

This has happened very infrequently considering the hundreds of artworks I've sent out, perhaps 3 or 4 times over 20 years, but sadly it's always a possibility. It has only ever been the glass that has smashed, usually because of the rough treatment the courier has dished out.

I do pack my work as securely as I can using several layers of bubblewrap and recycled cardboard. I usually use UPS as my preferred courier and select a 24 hour service. However, if you find that despite my efforts your picture has been damaged in transit, please photograph it as best you can, including the packaging and email the photographs to me, which will help in any claim against the courier company.

There are several choices open to you from that point.
  • You can return the picture to me as safely and securely as possible and obtain a full refund of the purchase price once I have taken delivery.
  • You can return the picture to me as safely and securely as possible and I will reframe it and reship it once it has been repaired/redone.
  • Preferably you can get the artwork reframed at your local high street frame shop and I'll pay a contribution to the cost, to be agreed upon before hand. I think this is the most sensible option, to save risking the courier's rough treatment again.

How long will it be before I receive my art?

I monitor my inboxes constantly, so your order will be processed within just a few hours. As long as payment has been received then I will package and ship the artwork within a maximum of 3 working days. More often it will be despatched the same day or next working day, depending on what time I receive your order. You will then receive a message containing details of when to expect delivery and tracking information. I try to use a 24 hour service (allowing for bank holidays etc.) If there is to be a delay for whatever reason, I will contact you.

Can I collect my purchase personally?

Yes of course. If you live locally or are in my area, just call to arrange a time and you will be welcome to collect your artwork personally. I may even put the kettle on if you catch me on a good day.

I'm not home during the day. Can you deliver to a different address?

Yes I can. As part of the order process using Paypal, you can state a delivery address if different to the billing address. If you're not using Paypal, just contact me with delivery details, no problem. Please note, I can't deliver to a mailbox address though.

What alternatives are there for making payment?

Paypal is my preferred choice.

If you don't have a PayPal account I am very happy for you to arrange a bank transfer. I can send my bank details upon request if you contact me using the contact form.

Lastly, I can accept a cheque although as I use online banking this will mean a short delay until my bank has received the cheque through the post and it has had time to clear.

Is it possible to reserve an artwork and pay for it over time?

Yes. Some of my work does sell pretty much as soon as it is completed. However I am happy to reserve a picture after receiving an initial deposit of a minimum 20% of the full purchase price. This will ensure it doesn't get sold to anyone else before you can pay the balance. I can then take monthly payments that we can agree beforehand until the balance has been paid. I will send a receipt via email for each payment made. Please note, I will not send the artwork out until it has been paid for in full.

Why have I seen the same painting on a different site at a better price?

My work is for sale on many different platforms online. I try to maintain prices to be  equal across the board. However, individual galleries may occasionally discount prices at their own discretion or periodically run sales promotions. If you see this then please contact me before purchasing and I will be happy to beat the lower price, as long as you buy directly from me. I cannot refund any difference after a transaction has taken place.

Are prices on the Mighty Fine Art website the lowest available?

My work is for sale on many different platforms online. I try to maintain prices equal across the board. However, individual galleries may discount prices at their own discretion or periodically run sales promotions. To afford to do this galleries deduct and keep about 35% of the purchase price.

If you see a better price elsewhere then please contact me before purchasing. I will be happy to beat the lower price as long as you buy directly from me as obviously no gallery commission will be deducted. Please allow for the fact that I offer free delivery though, where delivery may be charged extra elsewhere.

I cannot refund any difference after a transaction has taken place.

Do the prices include the cost of framing?

Yes. The majority of my work is presented already mounted and framed behind glass, ready to hang, unless stated otherwise in the item's description.

Tell me about the framing. Can I choose my frame?

I make my own picture frames in my home workshop and so have only a limited range of mouldings at my disposal. I choose the one I feel is most suitable for each individual artwork as soon as it's complete. This cannot be exchanged for an alternative unless an additional fee is negotiated.

My frames are complimentary so there is no reduced price for unframed work apart from shipping charges which may be lower if going overseas unframed. Of course it is always the customer's prerogative to have their chosen artwork reframed at their own expense by their local frameshop if they prefer a different frame.

Due to the fragile nature of the medium, I will not send out pastel paintings unframed as they must be protected.

How do I look after my artwork once I have received it?

Most importantly, it is essential to hang your artwork in a suitable place. I always use high quality, archival materials which should last for generations if treated sensibly but any pictures will fade if exposed to strong sunlight for prolonged periods. Pencil drawings are affected less, but the paper upon which they are drawn may become discoloured. So choose a position that is not in direct sunlight at any time of the day. I've seen people actually hang paintings in conservatories before now which has had drastic consequences after only a short period of time. Such a shame.

If possible, don't hang art too close to a heat source such as above a radiator. Rooms such as bath or shower rooms should be avoided too, as the humidity will find its way into the paper which in turn will warp or 'cockle'.

The frame can be cared for like any other piece of furniture, with occasional gentle dusting and an application of furniture polish as and when required.

Do all of the pictures here relate to original artworks?

Yes. All of the pictures featured on the Mighty Fine Art website relate to original art by Peter Williams. However, I do have an External Links page, which will direct you to the various POD (print on demand) sites that I am affiliated to.

Do you sell work by any other artists?

No. This is my personal website and business, so all of the work you see here is my own. I have featured guest artists in the past but there are none at present. However I do have a page containing External Links to some of my fellow artists and galleries which may be of interest.

Can I get prints made from the original painting I have bought?

As the artist, I retain the copright to all of my work even after it has been sold. So I'm afraid that the answer is no. I am affiliated to several POD (print on Demand) sites though, where nearly all of my work is available as prints on various surfaces or merchandise. These sites can be accessed via my External Links page.

What tools do you use to make your wood carvings?

I have many tools that I use. For rough shaping and removing larger volumes of wood I use an angle grinder fitted with Saburrtooth rotary burrs. For more intricate work I have a Wecheer foot operated rotary carving outfit and hundreds of different bits and burrs. Also of course I use chisels, knives, sandpaper, wire wool and vast amounts of elbow grease.

Where do you source your wood from and what sort of wood do you use?

I use various types of wood, some of which is drift wood taken from the beach, often unidentifiable. I've often been given lumps of wood from friends and fellow wood carvers, and occasionally I buy wood online from reputable suppliers. I make sure all of this has been seasoned for at least two years. Occasionally I find old worthless wooden objects which I strip down and repurpose the wood into something new and desirable.

How do I look after my wooden carvings at home?

There are two main things to avoid. Firstly, don't display or store your carving near to a heat source such as an open fire or a central heating radiator, as this will cause warping and/or splitting. Try and find a place for it that remains at a constant room temperature.

Secondly, if left exposed to bright sunlight such as on a window sill, your carving will lose its glow and become faded over time. It may also dry out and split or warp.

Give your carving a regular dusting with a soft cloth. Periodically a treatment with furniture polish will help to maintain the wood's natural beauty. I use pure beeswax for mine, but any good furniture polish will do.

Do you do wood working commissions?

That's an emphatic no. I don't create many carvings due to problems with my hand joints, so the ones I do are few and far between. I usually get inspired by a piece of wood that I've acquired or an idea I've seen somewhere. I also prefer to work outside, so the weather plays a big part.