Medium: Graphite pencils on Stonehenge paper Image Size: 12 x 17 inches Framed Size: 18 x 23 inches

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'Guardian Spirit'' is an original, realistic, graphite pencil drawing on Stonehenge paper. Highly detailed, it shows a woman foraging in the wilderness, accompanied by her guardian wolf. I love subjects like this as they give the viewer a chance to imagine what story is unfolding here and perhaps what's gone before. Is she a 19th century Native American or perhaps an Eastern European woman, wandering the Carpathian mountains? Is it a wild wolf or a tame hybrid? Why does she wear a dog collar while the wolf is free?

The Stonehenge paper I've used has a slight tooth to it, which allows a full range of tones from pale silvery grey to rich black. With less intense realism as is associated with smoother paper, it also gives a slight looseness to the drawing which in turn demonstrates my own particular style of working.

Measuring approximately 12 x 17 inches, this drawing is presented in a white mount within a 3cm square section, brushed pewter frame which suits these monochrome works perfectly. The total size is about 18 x 23 inches, ready to hang. It is signed on the front and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.