Medium: Ink and watercolour and ink Image Size: 14 x 17 inches Framed Size: 22 x 25 inches

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In another break from my usual realism and detail, I've painted 'Alsatian Sensation', a loose and impressionistic portrait based on my own dog Bonnie who is a German Shepherd Dog. Although the likeness is good, in this style I tend to concentrate on the personality and character of the dog, so I paint realistic eyes which contrasts with the semi abstract nature of the rest of the painting. It works. Her lively and playful temperament shines through perfectly. I've used acrylic inks over a freehand pencil sketch and chosen the most vivid palette possible. So if you like intense colour and a touch of humour in your home, look no further!

Quite large at approximately 14 x 17 inches, this painting is presented in a pale mount within a yew effect frame with a gold sight edge, to a total size of about 22 x 25 inches, ready to hang. It is signed on the front and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Conscious of the need to recycle, I re-use shipping materials whenever possible. Therefore my package may not always be the prettiest, but you can be sure that I will still have made it as secure and robust as possible.