Medium: Watercolour Image Size: 12 x 21 inches Framed Size: 17 x 26 inches

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'Breaking Cover' is a realistic, original, watercolour painting on quality RWS paper, featuring a leopard climbing down from a tree. I was attracted to the reference photograph, obtained from Unsplash, by the unusual pose, the well defined subject against the sky and also the way gravity shifted the loose skin on the leopard to form a ruff around her neck. I think it successfully helps to describe the weight and power of the subject as it uses its strength to climb from the tree.

Measuring approximately 12 x 21 inches, this painting is presented in a white mount within a complimentary 2cm gold leaf effect frame, to a total size of about 17 x 26 inches, ready to hang. It is signed on the front and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Conscious of the need to recycle, I re-use shipping materials whenever possible. Therefore my package may not always be the prettiest, but you can be sure that I will still have made it as secure and robust as possible.