Length: approx 9 inches. Width: 3.5 inches. Height: approx 0.75 inches. materials: Oak

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A hand carved wooden spoon made from a solid piece of well seasoned oak. This piece is designed in a Viking style with a stylised dragon's head handle overlapping onto a shallow bowl. These spoons can be hung on a wall but I think they are ideal for dropping in small pieces of jewellery such as rings or earrings when you take them off at the end of the day. But they are so tactile I prefer to display them on a shelf or tabletop where I can easily pick them up to enjoy the silky finish, which has been rubbed down and lightly finished with natural bees wax.

Measurements: Length 9 inches. Width 3.5 inches. Height 0.75 inches.

Please note, my style of carving is natural and freehand predominantly using knives and chisels after initial roughing out. I don't believe in overworking my pieces to a clinical, pristine finish such as you might find on a cheap, machine produced item on the high street. I often work from found pieces of wood which may have twisted and cracked as they weathered and dried naturally. I like to leave the occasional old scar as well as some formed during the process of carving, to give each piece a direct connection back to my hands and to hint at the previous life of the piece of wood.