Length: approx 5 inches. Width: 5 inches. Height: approx 4 inches. materials: Cherry wood.

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This hand carved and unique sculpture is carved from a beautiful piece of cherry wood which does have a small amount of spalting to add to the natural grain. I carved it as a paperwight, although it is a nice decorative sculpture in its own right and looks lovely sitting on my desk at the moment. I kept the design of the sculpture very simple, concentrating on achieving a silky smooth, tactile finish. This was achieved rather like French polishing, applying numerous coats of sanding sealant with a good rub down in between each coat with fine sand paper and wire wool, followed by several coats of bees wax. The result is a beautiful lustre, pleasant to touch and quite durable too.

The sculpture has been signed on the bottom and will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note, my style of carving is natural and freehand predominantly using my rotary carving tools but also knives and chisels. I don't believe in overworking my pieces to a clinically perfect state such as you might find on a cheap, machine produced item on the high street. I often work from found pieces of wood which may have twisted and cracked as they weathered and dried naturally. I like to leave the occasional old scar as well as others formed during the process of carving, to give each piece a unique character and form a direct connection back to my hands and hint at the previous life of the piece of wood