Length: approx 10 inches. Width: 4.75 inches. Height: approx 8.5 inches. materials: Sycamore wood. Unidentified driftwood

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This hand carved and unique sculpture is carved from a beautiful piece of spalted sycamore wood, with an unidentified piece of drift wood from my local beach used to form the base. The silky smooth, tactile finish on the hare was achieved with numerous coats of sanding sealant with a good rub down in between each coat, followed by several coats of bees wax. The result is beautiful to touch and see and is quite durable too. The spalting in the wood is not over the top but just enough to suggest life and movement.

The driftwood base has been chemically treated against worms (although I've left the wormholes, cracks and splits to retain its history. It has been finished with several coats of dark wax to contrast with the actual hare in terms of colour as well as texture.

The sculpture has been signed on the bottom of the base and will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

Measurements: Length approx 10 inches. Width 4.75 inches. Height approx 8.5 inches.

Please note, my style of carving is natural and freehand predominantly using my rotary carving tools but also knives and chisels. I don't believe in overworking my pieces to a clinically perfect state such as you might find on a cheap, machine produced item on the high street. I often work from found pieces of wood which may have twisted and cracked as they weathered and dried naturally. I like to leave the occasional old scar as well as others formed during the process of carving, to give each piece a unique character and form a direct connection back to my hands and hint at the previous life of the piece of wood